blog rruRegional Round-up is a monthly newsletter providing an overview into the environmental and business conditions affecting farmers and rural businesses in the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria.


Optimism continues in the dairy industry amid higher forecast prices in the vicinity of $5.60 - $6.20/kg MS. Organic milk processors are offering $8.01/kg MS.
There has been some discussion on the NZ decision to attempt to eradicate the Mycoplasma bovis disease and the implications for Australian dairy herds.


Wheat has begun to grow, as have other crops. Many farmers have bought water to establish fodder crops as rainfall has been very low. Most areas have been dry-sown and significant additional rainfall is required to enable plant roots to reach optimum depth. There has also been little growth of perennial grasses.
Hay and grain prices are, in many instances, upward of $300/t.


May saw record breaking prices in the wool market with EMI 2000c/kg. A lower global supply has influenced this trend throughout the month.
Lamb and mutton prices have begun to rally in response to reduced numbers available. Lamb prices passed 600c/kg at the end of May, despite the prolonged dry conditions of recent months. Demand for mutton remains strong.


A rather slow downward price trend in 2018 stabilised in May, however this is expected to be temporary. Shepparton saw some well-finished steers and bullocks late in the month with a 5c/kg price increase. Competition for lighter weighted bullocks was strong with some good showings courtesy of recent, albeit light rainfall.
Dry conditions have limited the ability to carry and finish stock. This, combined with the increased number of dairy beef offered for sale has influenced prices.


Pears continue to sell below the cost of production which is creating anxiety among growers.
A new state-wide action plan for the control and eradication of fruit fly has been launched. Stakeholders are heartened by the announcement and this is particularly welcomed in the Goulburn Valley where around ninety percent of Australia’s pears and thirty percent of Australia’s apples are grown.


The Goulburn Murray Water irrigation period officially ended on 15 May (Refer Goulburn Murray Water).

Cental Goulburn        April                               May
HRWS                $3,150-$3,200/ML          $3,200-$3,300/ML
LRWS                  $450-$480/ML                $450-$500/ML
Temporary trade    $165-$170/ML                 $165-$175/ML

In late May, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced the national winter outlook to be drier than average. Temperatures are expected to be warmer than average, both daytime and night-time.


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