Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria - North East (RFCS VIC-NE), works to improve rural prosperity by assisting with the development of resilient rural and regional communities to enhance their quality of life.


RFCS VIC-NE is a not for profit organisation that raises funds, accepts donations, operates a social enterprise and receives Government grants to provide a range of services to improve the wellbeing of rural and regional people and their communities.

We work in collaboration with government agencies, business, philanthropists and community organisations and have DGR status therefore any donations to RFCS VIC-NE are tax deductible.

We provide the delivery of Rural Financial Counselling Services trading as RFCS Victoria – North East and a broader range of family business support services and land holder engagement services through our social enterprise operation trading as AgBiz Assist.

The objectives of the RFCS program are to:

  • provide clients with access to financial information, options, decision support and referrals to other sources of industry, professional and government assistance
  • empower clients to make their own decisions on how to most effectively manage change and adjustment issues
  • deliver effective, flexible and responsive services to those in need of assistance.

The RFCS program helps clients to:

  • effectively manage change and adjustment
  • be more profitable, competitive and sustainable.

The RFCS program was established in 1986 to support families in financial crisis brought on by ongoing drought, depressed commodity prices and increasing interest rates, and it has continued because of an ongoing need within rural communities.

Our Vision

We assist rural and regional communities to successfully manage change.

Our Mission

Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria - North East works in collaboration with people, governments and organisations providing rural financial counselling and other complementary services that enable eligible rural and regional businesses to better manage the challenges of change and adjustment.

Our Values

Our values reflect how we work within our organisation, with stakeholders and the wider community. We will demonstrate our organisational values in the following ways:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Positivity
  • Team spirit
  • Clients
  • Caring
  • Involvement
  • Communication

Call 1300 834 775 to find out what assistance we may be able to provide you, or make an appointment with one of our experienced Rural Financial Counsellors.

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Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria - North East.

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