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Weed Management after fire supporting native species recovery

After bushfire, our ecosystems area at their most vulnerable to weed invasion.

Help support indigenous flora and fauna by managing weeds in bushfire affected areas.

This webinar series focuses on sharing practical knowledge so everyone can contribute to bushfire recovery.

Register for the SWIFT online webinars & learn how you can help indigenous species through weed management.

Free webinars Wednesdays 10.30am to 12:15pm,
25th November - 16th December, 2020:
Webinar 1: Overview weed management after fire.
Webinar 2: Prioritisation of weeds after fire.
Webinar 3: Collaborative weed management projects.
Webinar 4: Weed identification and recording after fire.

To find out more, or to watch past webinar presentations - 

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