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The Farm Household Allowance, (FHA), provides help for eligible farmers and their families experiencing financial hardship.

Eligibility basics are that you must be a farmer who contributes a significant part of your labour and capital to the farm enterprise, or be the partner of a farmer who does meet an income and assets test, and comply with mutual obligation requirement.

What is the Farm Household Allowance?

The Farm Household Allowance provides eligible farmers and their partners who are experiencing financial hardship with assistance and support to improve their long-term financial situation.

The allowance is paid fortnightly at a rate equivalent to Newstart Allowance (or Youth Allowance for those under 22 years). A Health Care Card will be provided to recipients. Support is also provided through a dedicated case manager to help recipients assess their situation and develop a plan for the future.

Eligible farmers and their partners are able to access up to four years of payment. This is designed to give farm families time to get back on their feet and the opportunity to take steps to improve their circumstances.

Who will qualify for the Farm Household Allowance?

To qualify, among other things a farmer must:

  • be aged 16 years or older
  • have a right or interest in the land used for the purpose of a farm enterprise
  • use the land wholly or mainly for the purpose of the farm enterprise
  • use the land for the purposes of the farm enterprise and that land is in Australia
  • have a farm enterprise with a ‘significant commercial purpose or character’
  • contribute significant labour and capital to the farm enterprise
  • be an Australian resident and be in Australia
  • be willing to enter into a financial improvement agreement
  • satisfy an income test and an assets test
  • must have a cumulative period of Farm Household Allowance that is 4 years or less (if the farmer has been entitled to FHA in the past).

There are separate criteria for partners of farmers (if they do not qualify as a farmer in their own right). These criteria do not include the same labour test, but are otherwise similar. The Farm Household Allowance guidelines provides more information on these eligibility criteria.

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