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Financial counsellors are now available to provide support to small businesses associated with rural and regional business activities thanks to increased funding from the Victorian government.

Small rural and regional businesses are part of the overall fabric of the rural and regional community and we are delighted that free financial counselling services are now available for these businesses. 

We understand that good businesses and families who rely on businesses for their income sometimes need a bit of a helping hand.

We know that good businesses can experience financial difficulties despite their best efforts and through issues outside their control.

Small Business Financial Counselling Services are:

  • Free, independent and confidential
  • For Small Businesses in rural and regional North East Victoria and the Goulburn Valley
  • To help small businesses that are experiencing or at imminent risk of financial hardship
  • Able to provide mobile services, (at your place of business or at a suitable location), or you can come and see us
  • Staffed by qualified people who understand small business

They offer assistance to small business affected by:

  • Reduced business turnover
  • Low profit margins
  • Natural disasters
  • Regional structural adjustment
  • Economic downturns
  • Low equity / tight cash flow
  • Difficulties with lenders or access to finance
  • Unpaid creditors / debtors
  • Market disruptions
  • Changes in personal circumstances
  • Family accidents or illness
  • Business Partnerships / succession agreements / contracts

They can help businesses with:

  • Understanding your financial position and the viability of your enterprise
  • Identifying options to improve your financial position
  • Developing a plan to implement your chosen options, and implement that plan
  • Providing information to assist you to make decisions relating to you enterprise
  • Assisting family businesses to deal with lending institutions in relation to
  • Applications and contracts with those institutions

Any eligible small business seeking support can contact the Small Business Financial Counselling Service on 1300 834 775.

Small Business Financial Counselling Service – North East Victoria is supported by the Victorian Government

Call 1300 834 775 to find out what assistance we may be able to provide you, or make an appointment with one of our experienced Rural Financial Counsellors.

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