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In reponse to reduced irrigation water availability there has been a drive to improve the efficiency of use of irrigation water through the Farm Enterprise Strategic Planning Initiative, (previously known as Plan2Farm).

The Victorian Government recently announced that it " providing $1.6 million to support the delivery of the Farm Enterprise Strategic Planning initiative.

Landholders in the Goulburn Murray district of northern Victoria are experiencing rapid and large scale change to their agricultural, environmental, technological and market conditions.

A reduction in available water, irrigation modernisation and changes in the agriculture industry mean that landholders need to be able to make well-informed, strategic and holistic decisions for long-term effective and sustainable operation.

This initiative provides support for farming families to access expert advice and undertake strategic planning to map out clear directions for their operations within this changing environment. Independent and confidential planning advice in one-on-one sessions or group settings will help families develop a whole of farm enterprise strategic plan integrating multiple property management decisions.

The initiative forms part of the Government's commitment to supporting liveable and resilient communities as identified in Water for Victoria.

Well-informed farmers with longer-term outlooks and strategic plans, support a more resilient and profitable agricultural industry.

The Farm Enterprise Strategic Planning initiative will help farmers:

  • Consider the long-term outlook for their farming enterprise, identify key risks and opportunities, work out their goals, and think about who will be involved in their business going forward into the future.
  • Understand the operating environment they are working within, specifically irrigation modernisation and what irrigation connection option would best suits their identified future business needs
  • Make more informed, holistic and beneficial decisions across all aspects of their farming enterprise
  • Protect and enhance environmental assets on their properties and minimise the potential off site impacts. ..."

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